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Galt Ocean Mile Condo

Address: 4010 Galt Ocean Dr
Area: Galt Ocean Mile
Year Built: 1965
Floors: 17
Price Range: $369,000.00-$385,000.00
Rental Price Range: $1,950.00-$3,300.00

Ocean Summit Description

Ocean Summit Fort Lauderdale is one of the several Fort Lauderdale condos found on a roadway called Galt Ocean Drive but typically referred to as an area called Galt Ocean Mile. The Ocean Summit condo offers the perfect waterfront living experience thanks to its nearly unparallelled location and a complete array of great amenities to complement it all. You definitely need to check out the excitement and allure of Ocean Summit.

Ocean Summit and its location makes things a little more complicated in terms of deciding what to do since you may find yourself having to contemplate whether to stay indoors or outside near Ocean Summit. Should you choose the former, great amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center allow you to plenty to do. Ocean Summit residences also have an array of modern features that include spacious balconies and/or terraces to stylish kitchens and marble bathrooms. You'll love everything about Ocean Summit.

Ocean Summit and its Galt Ocean Drive location offer numerous things to do. Walk along the coastline near Ocean Summit condo or visit the various spots barely ten minutes from Ocean Summit. Ocean Summit is also near Commercial Boulevard and other major roadways, making it very easy to explore Fort Lauderdale beyond Ocean Summit.

Available Units For Rent at Ocean Summit

2 Bedroom Units

Interior Space

1290sf / 120m²
$298sf /$3,213m²
1100sf / 102m²
$335sf /$3,611m²

Available Units For Rent at Ocean Summit

1 Bedroom Apartments

Interior Space

940sf / 87m²
$4sf /$38m²
N/A / N/A
N/A /N/A
870sf / 81m²
$2sf /$24m²

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