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Small Curb Appeal Tips and Upgrades that Yield Results
Small Curb Appeal Tips and Upgrades that Yield Results

Friday, April 18, 2014
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Sellers often make the mistake of undergoing renovations in hopes that it will increase the value of their home before selling. Common renovations include new roofs, new kitchens, and new baths. Here is the fallacy in this reasoning and it is two fold. Firstly, a prospective buyer may not share your taste in finishes, even if you feel they are neutral, and secondly, the value of your home on the market will not increase proportionately to the amount spent on the renovations. The buyers will expect a discount if  the renovations do not meet their expectations.

There are however some small upgrades that do make the grade. Below are several low cost tips that will give your home a competitive edge in the market.
1.      Remove Popcorn From Ceiling: A smooth ceiling makes rooms appear larger and also is a quick update for an apartment or home.
2.      Remove Mirrored Walls: While Feng Shui dictates that mirrors open a space, they are dated and are distracting to buyers.
3.      Replacing Carpets: Replacing dirty carpets with inexpensive carpet is an excellent and inexpensive upgrade.
4.      Fresh Paint: Once mirrored walls are removed, popcorn is paved over, a fresh coat of paint is always recommended, in a neutral color.

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