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The Importance of Internet Marketing in Selling Your Fort Lauderdale Residence
The Importance of Internet Marketing in Selling Your Fort Lauderdale Residence

Thursday, June 21, 2012
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Internet Marketing  for your property is one of the integral parts of selling your home. The combination of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing (or blogging) is ideal for promoting your home virtually. The relationship of these components can be confusing for many homeowners, and today I would like to shed some light on how these work together to gain exposure. Try looking at this relationship within the traditional real estate marketing framework of “farming .”  Farming is a term most closely related to networking. In traditional real estate marketing, farming techniques include getting brochures out to your neighbors and hosting open houses in the neighborhood to let those close to you know your home is for sale. When you are using Internet marketing, the getting to know your neighbors and interacting on a community level becomes a bit more daunting. When your Realtor launches their Internet Marketing Campaign for your property, it is like introducing your property to a new community, only this community is called the Internet.
In order to farm the Internet community, your Realtor will first, make your property visible  on the web by implementing a custom website, followed by targeted property marketing to announce its presence using Search Engine Optimization, and interacting with other members of the community using Social Media. Further, by providing these entities something valuable to keep them interacting, your Realtor will create special content using a blog. In other words, Search Engine Optimization connects potential buyers to your site by making your website detectable to search engines, Social Media gives buyers, brokers,  peers, and the Internet community a chance to interact with your listing, and the content connects buyers personally by providing information that they need or find interesting.
These techniques when used alone are effective for their specific purpose, however when used in concert, the web traffic or community interaction becomes amplified. One distinct advantage of using Internet Marketing Campaigns for your property is that they are measurable. As a Showcase member and Featured Agent on Realtor.com, I provide an Enhanced Listing Presentation  and Featured Homes as  tools for each of my seller’s property listings, and can quantify the leads as frequently as I need, to assess how the campaign is running and can do this across the board with other areas of this system.  Unlike mailed fliers that have an approximate rate on return of maybe 3-5%, the increases in traffic to a property website, interaction with social media posts, and visits to a blog, are available to the minute and location of the browser.   Using this data, your Realtor is able to identify trends, and generate content and posts that target the buyer and broker leads that you are trying to capture.  These campaigns have become an industry standard and are essential to the sale of your property. If you are looking to sell your Fort Lauderdale Property and would like to discuss my marketing program, both Internet and on the ground, contact me today!
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