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Before you Hire a Contractor, Consult a Designer
Before you Hire a Contractor, Consult a Designer

Friday, November 16, 2012
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So you have the extra budget to finally remodel your kitchen, bath, bedroom, or living room, now what? Before hiring a contractor, do yourself and the value of your home a favor and hire a designer to put life to your vision and take the lead with your contractor to make sure your project reaches completion to all your specifications. I recently completed a renovation myself, and used Creative Concepts By Marco, and have referred him to numerous clients for renovations, with incredible results. His work speaks for itself, however if you are reading this and are not in the area, I would encourage you to consult a designer that suits your taste before hiring a contractor. The designer takes the vision and objective to the contractor to execute, and leaves less of the onus on you to interpret to the contractor exactly what you are looking for. There are a number of items to consider on both the part of the designer and contractor that you may not initially have in mind. Here are some of the services that are offered by Marco and some of the reasons that they figure importantly into a renovation.

1.Objectives: Marco uses a pre-planning session to establish client objectives and obtain a vision for the project. Whether you are looking for modern/contemporary or bohemian chic, these objectives and vision are really the work of a creative mind rather than a contractor. In addition, Marco provides project management for out of town clients, from the drafts drawings to the last decorative object.

2.Budget: When working with a contractor alone, you may have caviar taste, but a smoked fish budget. A designer can show you how to achieve a certain look with materials that are within your budget. Certain types of acrylic tubs in bathrooms, for example, may bring the budget down enough to allow for marble and maple vanities.

3.Materials: Certain materials are worth their weight in design and in value of a home. Marble is always a splurge that pays off, while certain types of tiles may not make the impact that is as noticeable. Your designer will be able to weigh in on what is worth it and what is not in terms of materials and can also suggest alternatives.

4.Design: While you may have a number of magazine images that are in your mind, your designer can make the pages come to life, and also take you to places to choose the items that will really personalize the renovated space. Some designers bring the samples so you do not get completely bogged down in the minutia of a home store and lose your vision.

Renovations increase a home’s value, however, major renovations will not substantially increase a home’s value in relation to other comparable properties in your market, so it is best to consult a Realtor regarding the value of your home on the market “as is” before renovations. To determine the value of your property in today’s market, contact me today!

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