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Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Guide
Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
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Hurricane season has officially begun and extends to November 30. The second
named storm is expected to be announced this week, and I would like to take
the opportunity to discuss hurricane preparation, since so many of my
clients have waterfront homes and condos. Having a plan and supplies
beforehand will greatly reduce stress before during and after a storm, and
if you are a part time resident, I am happy to recommend management
personnel to implement your individual hurricane plan. I hope you find these
tips informative and that all are safe throughout this hurricane season. For
more detailed information, the Broward County website has a complete guide.


Calm Before The Storm
1. Have a Plan. It is very important to have a plan in place for your
family, from explaining to children what is happening to going over a list
of items to prepare.
2. Stock up. Having bottled water, canned goods, and batteries and
flashlights are always a good idea. Non perishable items may be purchased in
advanced and stored indefinitely, so getting them now can reduce stress
before a storm and long lines later.
3. Secure Your Home. Take inventory of hurricane shutters, making sure they
have not been damaged in any way since the last time they were up. Take a
look at the vulnerable areas of the home such as openings and your roof, to
make sure there are not areas that are at risk.
4. Tidy up. Make sure all debris is out of your yard and have an arborist
check the area for compromised trees or branches that need to be removed.
5. Protecting your Assets. Go over your homeowners insurance to see what
sorts of documenting information is required, in the event you need to make
a claim.

During a Storm
1. Stay Inside. This may sound like very obvious advice, however during the
eye of a storm it may look very nice outside, but conditions can deteriorate
quickly. Be sure to stay tuned into a news radio station for updates on when
it is safe to leave your home.
2. Evacuate. If you are in an evacuation zone, evacuate early to avoid
3. Refrigeration. In the event you lose power and do not have a generator,
put all appliances on the highest settings and avoid opening the doors to

After the Storm
1. Document Damage. Once it is safe to leave your home, document any damage
2. Avoid Down Lines. Treat all power lines like live lines, and report down
lines to FPL immediately.
3. Stay In. Debris from the storm may be hazardous and filled with snakes or
4. Protect Assets. Have ply wood and tarps on hand to protect property that
was damaged, from any further damage that being exposed to the elements may

Hurricane Checklist, Courtesy of Broward County

  • Drinking Water: At least one gallon per person per day for three to five days, preferably two weeks. Extra water is needed for food preparation and personal hygiene. To store drinking water, use food-grade containers. You can use clean, airtight containers such as two-liter soda jugs, but no milk containers. If you re-use disposable plastic bottles, do not keep them for more than a month.
  • Food: At least enough for three to five days, including non-perishable packaged or canned food, canned or shelf milk, cereal, etc.; ice and snack foods
  • A three- to five-day supply of special items for babies such as formula, food, wipes, diapers; special foods for the elderly; toiletries and extra toilet paper
  • Manual can opener/bottle opener
  • Paper goods such as plates, bowls, napkins, towels, and plastic eating utensils
  • Unscented household bleach and medicine dropper
  • Extra bedding such as blankets, pillows, sleeping bag, etc. in case you must evacuate
  • Clothing, including rain gear and sturdy shoes
  • First aid kit
  • Medicines/prescription drugs: A two-week supply
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Battery-operated or hand-crank radio
  • Disposable batteries, car charger or solar charger for your cell phone
  • Hardline telephone with jack (not cordless)
  • Books and games or toys
  • Pet food, cat litter and other pet care items
  • Tool kit including cord, rope, hammer, wood nails, saw, hatchet or axe, crowbar, chain saw blades, tarp, duct tape, and heavy work gloves
  • Plastic trash bags and ties
  • Extra resealable plastic storage bags, heavy-duty aluminum foil and disposable aluminum pans
  • Extra charcoal or propane gas for outdoor cooking. Sterno can also be used. Never cook with any of these items inside your house. The smoke and fumes are deadly.
  • Fire extinguisher (ABC type)
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Mosquito repellent with DEET, and sunscreen
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