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The Three Most Important Items to Consider When Selling a Condo!
The Three Most Important Items to Consider When Selling a Condo!

Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Now is one of the best times to sell your Fort Lauderdale condo, the values are up and the inventory is very low, making buyers act quickly when condos come on the market. Fort Lauderdale is an extremely popular place to buy considering the incredible weather, boating, and access to all of the South Florida hot spots. If you are thinking of selling a condo there are a number of factors to consider. Below are the top three items to consider when listing your condo, if you are looking to sell your condominium but are unsure the value in today’s market, contact me directly!
1.      Best Foot Forward: Features to Enhance. Condo buyers are looking for hassle free living, without the burdens of a single family home. Playing up the amenities such as fitness centers, bbq’s, business centers, and pools are a major selling point and should definitely be accentuated in selling.
2.      Your Ideal Price, and Your Bottom Line: When setting a price for your condo you must consider the market and the reasonable asking price for your property. If you are serious about selling you must make your property competitive on the market. A competitive market price is determined by the other condos in the same line with the same amenities or at the very least very similar upsells. Conversely, if you are trying to sell your condo you should do a simple upgrade in terms of paint and removal of clutter.
3.      Full Disclosure: If you have some items that are deficient in terms of the property value, disclose, disclose, disclose. Your discretion and honesty during the selling process is paramount to the close. Should there be something that a buyer would hesitate about, come clean about it, since it is generally public knowledge to begin with. Full Disclosure also applies to  Assessments: It is also incredibly important that the seller is aware of any proposed assessments that may have been discussed or mentioned on the Board meeting agendas for the prior 12 months. Absentee owners who do not pay attention to important building mailings, must do their due diligence to find out from the office what is going on in the building; and properly disclose these discussed items to the listing agent and on the Condo Disclosure prior to listing the condo for sale.

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