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This is the Time to Sell and This is How to Seal a Sale!
This is the Time to Sell and This is How to Seal a Sale!

Friday, December 12, 2014
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My listing Corinthian 16B was on the market only 9 days before it was under contract. The listing was an original unit and priced appropriately, which is why it attracted the correct buyer quickly. Pricing your property, staging your property, and getting professional pictures are all integral parts of a quick home sale. Often, these concepts are misunderstood, because they are explained in piece meal, rather than as each parts of an equation for a quick sale. I would like to take a few minutes to explain how each of these concepts are used in concert to make for a quick sale. 


Pricing your property: If your property is an original unit, even if you dress it up with a clean coat of paint, in tinsel,  and spray the area with the smell of sugarplums, it still is in original condition and is assessed as such in the market within the building. Even if your neighbor sold for more, make sure you understand the upgrades that may have gone into the condo that made it more valuable or the line of the unit. Your realtor will provide you with comparable listings in your building and in the area, trust them. No good realtor will place on the market a listing that is dramatically overpriced, since it will cost them hours and marketing dollars to properly present your home. 


Staging your property: Staging can be complex with a hired company or can be as simple as removing all personal effects and making simple changes to show your home in the proper light. Staging will not increase the bottom line value of your home, the pricing of your property is based on value in the market and demand. However, staging your property appropriately makes it the most attractive option with your competition on the market. 


Professional Pictures: Your realtor will price your home appropriately and hire a professional photographer if they feel the home will sell. All homes deserve professional photography. Honest representations of property, proper pricing, and professional staging present your home in the best light and will get you the highest price the market dictates. 


If you are looking to sell your home, please contact me today! 

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