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Breaking News at The Berkley South
Breaking News at The Berkley South

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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The Berkley South residents were polled as to what they felt required updates and their responses precipitated an update package delivered last week, and will be voted on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Material alterations include redesign and update of hallways and redesign and repaving the second floor deck and splitting the clubroom into one recreation room and a larger gym. Smaller items that are addressed in the assessment include renovation of mailroom and post boxes and a number of energy saving and leak preventing measures throughout the building. Leak prevention has been a consistent theme and the proposed improvements will provide a sustainable solution. The total package will use some reserve funding and will require a line of credit payable over 6 years.
Residents will be offered a vote on the following, whether to approve the material alteration of the deck, redesign of clubroom, and energy saving program measures, and whether to approve an assessment payable over six years; failure of the special assessment would require a reserve replacement, almost as large, for mandatory maintenance items and payable within one year. Although many of these improvements are mandatory, some of the most exciting measures are the proposed improvements that will add value to your residence and longevity to Berkley South as a desirable condominium in Fort Lauderdale. So what are the exact improvements? Below are the material alterations broken down. If you are looking to rent or buy at The Berkley South, contact me today!
Utility Improvement: The Utility improvements are largely lighting and will allow for longer hours of enjoyment of amenities in addition to grilling appliances that are also for community enjoyment. Tennis court lights, walking track lights, lounge bar lights, pavilion lights, trellis lights, swimming pool lights, grill area lights, and grills with appliances are proposed within this improvement designation.
Paving and Finishes: The paving and finishing are costly, however they are mandatory considering various leakage in the past, and the normal wear and tear of waterfront properties. Walking Track pavers are within the new plan and are for the residents to be able to walk around the perimeter of the property. Pool deck, clubroom terrace, and patio terraces will all be repaved, and most excitingly, the pool will be retiled, coped, and finished with Diamond Brite Finish.
New Site Structures: The new site structures are the most comprehensive updates, however they are judicious and cost effective, while modernly implemented. A pool deck extension will be implemented with Pavilion, grill area, trellis, lobby lounge counter, outdoor lobby planter, showers, wheel chair accessible ramp, round tree planters, railings and steps, and pool vanishing edge gutter that would create infinity effect.

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