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Planning a Home Remodel? Obtaining the Proper Permits is a Crucial Step
Planning a Home Remodel? Obtaining the Proper Permits is a Crucial Step

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

               Planning a Home Remodel? Obtaining the Proper Permits is a Crucial Step

A beautiful, successfully executed home remodel can be a wise investment for a homeowner. It can make a home more desirable, and ultimately increase its value when it's time to sell. However, making over your beloved home does not only involve planning a realistic budget, timeline, and finding the appropriate professionals to turn your dreams into reality. It is also incredibly important to obtain the required permits, whether you are revamping the kitchen or removing a wall. Ignoring this key step can result in having to redo work already done, steep fines, and immense stress for the homebuyer. Keep reading to find out what projects require permits, why you need them, and how to move forward with homes that have already had construction done (those looking to buy, take note!).

How Do I Get a Permit?

Most local governments have a building department that issues new construction as well as re-model and home addition construction permits. The building departments monitor construction and home re-modeling to make sure all work complies with existing zoning laws and meets the required safety standards.

Safety First

In most areas, the permit process requires inspections of work at the beginning, middle, and end of construction. Local inspectors will ensure that many requirements, including that work meets a variety of building, electrical, and plumbing standards and codes. Meeting these standards is crucial as it can save the homeowner thousands of dollars, allow me to explain. If a homeowner goes the non-permit route or hires an unlicensed contractor (or contractor willing to ignore permit rules), then numerous safety hazards can arise, such as electrical fires or disastrous plumbing leaks due to poor quality work. Additionally, when it comes time to sell, potential buyers will need to know what changes to the home were made, and will have their home inspector make sure all changes meet local regulations.

I Would Like to Buy A Home with Construction Done. What Next?

All homebuyers must make sure that the home they are interested in has only had work done under the proper permits. If this is not done, your wallet could suffer the consequences when you plan your own home remodeling project. Lack of permits means that upon having an inspection done for changes you are planning, the inspector will also look at past home construction. The building department can issue new permits based on this inspection that could require the homeowner to correct past faulty work. Also, the discovery of unpermitted work could cause the value of the home to rise, leading to an unexpected increase in taxes for the homeowner. Remember that work that usually requires a permit includes anything that changes the structure of a home, adding a new electrical panel, additions to a home, changing out the HVAC, installations of decks, changing the size of a septic system, increasing the size of the water main feed line, and major electrical and plumbing jobs. Also, certain work can only be done by a licensed professional in a specific trade.

Home remodels can add a much-needed change to the overall energy of any home. They can increase a homes value, attract more buyers, and add another level of luxury to the property. Just make sure that before any construction begins, you are well-informed of the required permits involved to make the process as smooth as possible. Have fun and good luck!




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Planning a Home Remodel? Obtaining the Proper Permits is a Crucial Step

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