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Seven DIY Bedroom Updates For A Chic Sleeping Space

Written By: Jaymi Naciri
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Even though its the place we spend hours in, >

You dont have to be afraid of tackling this important space; little changes can make a big difference, and many can be made this weekend without outside help. Shake out those muscles and get ready to make that bedroom beautiful

Use wallpaper in new ways

Create an urban chic look with a feature wall of exposed brick or go romantic with this look. Theyre both of the peel-and-stick variety, which means theyll go up and come down easy. The no-commitment aspect of these wallpaper options makes them the perfect choice for those who havent done much in the bedroom because they thought they needed to strike the ultimate inspiration.


You can also revitalize an old dresser or pretty up a boring nightstand with a roll of the stuff. It sticks to almost anything and is removable and repositionable in case you make a booboo.nbsp;

Make your own headboard

You could spend several hundreds of dollars or more on an upholstered headboard, but with a trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and a couple of hours of your time, you can make you own for much less. A couple of sheets of MDF, some batting, some buttons, and your fabric of choice is just about all you need. This is one of our favorite tutorials for creating a DIY headboard that looks like it came right out of a catalogue.

Snazz up your bedding

You dont have to get new bedding to create a fresh new feel in the place where you lay your head. Plush pillows can give the bed some oomph. "If you only make one tweak to upgrade your bedroom, it should be the way you >

Create a standout mirror

Peel-and-stick tiles arent just for kitchen backsplashes. Turn a regular old bedroom mirror into a standout. The whole project can be done in mere minutes. Tip: Measure first so you know exactly how many tiles you need and so you dont end up with awkward spacing. And, be sure about the placement before you add pressure because once the tiles adhere, theyre not easy to remove.

Customize a rug

A patterned rug large enough to bring a cushy feel to your bedroom floor can be pricey. With stencils and chalk paint, you can transform a simple, inexpensive rug into something that looks like it came from an expensive decor store.nbsp;

Paint your furniture

Stencils are a great choice for bedroom furniture, too. "A little sanding and some paint can give new life tonbsp;any piece of furniture, but if you really want to transform an old piece, this is anbsp;DIYers best-kept secret:nbsp;stencils," said Country Living. "Using stencils tonbsp;givenbsp;a piece of furniture a makeover is an easy way to create a completely custom and one-of-a-kind piece.nbsp;Its also a brilliantnbsp;way to refreshnbsp;wood furniture that has seennbsp;better days."nbsp;Add some new knobs, and, voila

Create some dazzling doors

Inexpensive molding can make your plain, flat, bedroom or closet doors infinitely more interesting.nbsp;Check out how many different ways you can realize this easy update on Decorating Your Small Space.

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