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Three Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Do Before the Holidays

Written By: Realty Times Staff
Thursday, December 22, 2016

We put a lot of time and care into the things which make December the most wonderful time of the year for us. But what about our businesses? How can we make sure they will develop and grow successfully in the coming year?

1. Draw the line and learn the lessons

Applying your own critical eye is one of the most important ways you can improve your business. Come the years end, its wise to sit down, reevaluate your tools and decisions and see what worked and what didnt.

You have to ask the right questions in order to better prepare for the coming year:

Are you budgeting for marketing and reaping the benefits of a solid strategy?

Does your agent website look as sleek and intuitive as you need it to be?

Are you advertising in the right places and to the right people?

Are you getting enough exposure?

Do the tools you have at your disposal generate plenty of leads?

Answer honestly and write down the ideas, then start planning your needs for the coming year and think of the strategies you will need to make your goals come true.

2. Plan ahead

Secure the tools needed to make 2017 successful and kick off the year, the right way. Make sure you have an all-in-one solution that will help you save time and money in the long run. Point2s marketing solutions offer just that, plus a web-based Online Office which gives you complete control over your marketing strategy at all times. Here are some of the things you can do with a marketing toolkit like the one mentioned:

In terms of online presence and presentation, a mobile-friendly agent website that you can maintain yourself goes a long way. Go further by creating individual property websites for your most promising listings -- home buyers love a home with a dedicated website

Incubate your leads with an effective integrated CRM. Use drip email campaigns to keep engagement up, which is important considering that 70 of homebuyers forget their agents name within a year.

You also get several advertising options designed to boost your exposure, both in terms of listings and as a local agent.

3. Get an edge with smart advertising

And speaking of exposure, its crucial that you get your listings in front of as many eyes as possible, at the right time, in the right place. With a solution like Point2 you can get all the tools above, plus an extra edge with featured advertising on Point2s real estate portal Point2 Homes: 1,000 worth of ads each year included in their Professional toolkit or 6,000 worth of ads per year with the Elite toolkit, at a fraction of the cost.

Point2 Homes has had 35 million visits in 2016 and a 56 year-over-year traffic increase. In 2017 the traffic growth is expected to break new records. As a Point2 member, you get your listings on Point2 Homes and connect to a massive pool of potential home buyers right off the bat, with:

  • Priority placement on Point2 Homes
  • 3.6 million monthly visits
  • 23.1 million monthly page views
  • 18,000 listings browsed every hour

Click here for more info about the offer

All of these tools and advertising options are available to you at a discount in two tax deductible solutions, if you act fast:

The Professional solution is designed for ambitious agents, conscious of the importance of online marketing. It offers all of the tools and benefits above at a 120 discount, for a limited time.

The Elite solution is designed for brokers and teams, but it also works great for agents who want to take their business up a notch. You get an additional set of specially designed Broker Tools, plus more of everything: unlimited property websites, 5 Featured Agent Ads/month, and 20 Featured Listing Ads/month. The Elite solution has a 300 discount right now.

Consider giving your business the same care you give your home this holiday season. Following these principles and using these tools is how you make sure youre all set for 2017.

This offer is only available by phone, so call 888-277-9779 now to find out more or click here to check out the Winter Sale.

Point2 is the premiere online marketing solution for real estate professionals. Get everything you need to expand your real estate business, including an easy-to-use-website, intuitive lead generation tools, detailed analytics and much more.

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